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One of NJ's most popular womens photographers

Mike is one of New Jersey's most respected womens specialty photographers.  He has photographed hundreds of woman across NJ, NY, and throughout the Northeast.  

One of New Jersey's Most Popular Photographers

I have been a passionate women's portrait specialist for over a decade, dedicating my craft to capturing the unique beauty and strength of hundreds of women. Each portrait session is a journey into the personality and essence of my subjects, creating more than just photographs, but lasting memories and a celebration of individuality.

A few years ago, a client's request opened a new chapter in my career – beach photography. This opportunity was not just a change of scenery but a fresh canvas to paint stories of families and individuals against the backdrop of the Jersey Shore. Adapting to the natural light and dynamic environment of the beach, each session brings new adventure and fun, from the laughter of a family gathering to the reflective moments of a high school senior on the brink of adulthood.

I treasure the summer months, dedicating this time to families and high school seniors desiring to encapsulate their special memories on the beautiful beaches of Jersey Shore. My approach to each session is tailored, focusing on capturing the natural interactions and genuine emotions, making every portrait unique. Whether it's a family celebrating togetherness or a senior marking a pivotal moment in their life, my goal is to freeze these fleeting moments into timeless art.

For more info on me please visit my main website at Mike Cassidy Photography. (Note: Contains content that may not be suitable for all audiences.)


Summer is short, and my calendar fills quickly...  Please book early. 


boudoir photographer Mike Cassidy
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