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Planning Your Family Beach Photo Session In Seaside Park, NJ

young person sitting near beach grass
Seaside Park, NJ Beach Photography

Ah, the warm summer days on the Jersey Shore! Families wait all year and look forward to their summer vacations on the beach.

Not only is the beach a great place to spend your summer vacation, but it is a wonderful place for family photos, as well. I'm lucky that I get to work with so many great families each and every summer that travel from far and wide to enjoy our beaches.

Planning Your Family Beach Session

My beach photos are simple-- You are here to enjoy your vacation, not to worry about organizing a complicated event.

So, how does it all come together? Well, here's the overview. In some instances, families will reserve the block of their vacation dates with me months before summer even arrives. Although this is not always necessary, there are only precious few weeks to a summer, and we are always working with the weather forecast in mind.

Families are certainly welcome to contact me after their arrival to book, as well-- and I can reserve any available session dates, but I do advise families considering beach photography to reserve their block of vacation dates early as possible.

What happens when I'm booked for a given week? I will book a second (or rarely third) family on a standby basis. After completing the first families session, I will move on the the standby family. In a perfect world with beautiful weather, I can do several families during a week.

One request that people often have is to book a single date, perhaps weeks, or months in advance. My sister Diane and her children will be coming in and we want photos all together, but she will only be able to visit with us one day on July 27th... This is always tricky, and a bit of a gamble. Why? We just never know what the weather will bring on a certain day several weeks...or even months in advance. I will book single dates with a retainer, and we cross our fingers and hope for great weather that evening.

three children sitting near dune grass on the beach at sunset

Upon booking, I typically will block off a families entire vacation period, because the weather is the great unknown. As the vacation dates arrives, we can select a date from within that period that works best for the families plans and the weather forecast. Simple.

I'm typically working only in the evenings. The daytime sun is way too hot, and there are just too many people walking around on the beach-- the fewer people in your photo background, the better.

How long does this process take? I work quickly! Most families have small children, and well, they will only sit still for only so long 😀. Our session may be 30 -45 minutes, but we're not really working with a specific time limit.

Where is the best place for photos? The beaches in South Seaside Park are my personal beaches of choices. There are fewer people, and a nice "natural" beach background with limited distractions.

After our session (and depending on my work load) your family photos are available online for viewing typically in about a week, but it may take up to two weeks. Your gallery can be viewed online from any location, and is easily shared with family and friends.

Sound good? If you'd like to see more of my work, you can visit my beach galleries here.

To reach out to me to reserve the date for your family beach session you can contact me here.

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